Getting Started

Now that you’ve decided to pursue a new practice, what’s next?

Now that you’ve decided to pursue a new practice, what’s next? Step #1 is toreview the checklist below. Have you thought through the issues that will affect your search? If you are unsure about any of the below, no problem! Step #2 is to call Gold Leaf Group Healthcare Real Estate Advisory. When you speak with us we’ll be happy to help you better understand what is needed and help you build the team that will make your new practice plans a reality.


  • I know where I want to open my practice
  • I know how I will pay for the start up of my practice
  • I know the demographic I want to target
  • I know which unique strengths will help me succeed
  • I know how much revenue I expect my practice to generate
  • I know how many operatories I want in my practice
  • I know what my per square foot/per month budget for space will be
  • I know how soon I’d like to open for business
RJ Przebinda

Since 2005, RJ Przebinda, founder of Gold Leaf Group, has assisted doctors throughout southern California in realizing their dreams of opening new dental and medical office. Contact us today to learn how our decade of So. Cal medical real estate experience can help you!
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